After Kitchen Detailers is done with your kitchen, it will look 10 years younger!

Looking for a kitchen cabinet cleaning company? The kitchen is the heart of your home, where family and friends gather to enjoy good food and conversation. All this activity means your cabinets are exposed daily to heat, grease, oils, food, and beverages, as well as repeated use of the doors and drawers.

Over time, this regular use can lead to a buildup on your cabinets, damage to the finish, and doors and drawers that don’t function properly.

At Kitchen Detailers, we believe your kitchen is much like your car. There is no need to get a new one if it gets dirty or starts to make a few noises. A simple detail and tune up will get your car, and your kitchen, looking and functioning much better.

How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Details is a specialized kitchen cleaning company. If you’ve been wondering how to clean kitchen cabinets, look no further. Cleaning kitchen cabinets is our specialty.

  • First, Kitchen Detailers professionals will thoroughly clean and polish the exterior of your cabinets using only the safest and highest quality products, removing years of wear and tear.
  • Next, Kitchen Detailers will do minor repairs to the finish using Mohawk products and minor door and drawer adjustments.
  • Finally, Kitchen Detailers will clean your solid surface or tile countertops and grout.

After Kitchen Detailers is done with your kitchen, it will look 10 years younger!

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Service. How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets.

Kitchen Detailing Includes

  • Cleaning and polishing exterior of cabinets
  • Cleaning granite, countertop tile, and countertop grout
  • Minor door and drawer adjustments
  • Touch-ups to the finish and minor repairs

Why replace your cabinets when your kitchen can look 10 years younger for only $599.

Accessorize your kitchen

In addition to being a kitchen cabinet cleaning company, Kitchen Detailers can also “Accessorize Your Kitchen!” At a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen, we can add handles/knobs, soft-closing English dovetailed drawers, roll-out trays, glass doors, trash can pullouts, and a huge selection of organizer and storage options that will make you love your kitchen again!

If spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new kitchen isn’t in your budget, then call Kitchen Detailers to detail and “Revive Your Kitchen”, and accessorize your kitchen so that you and your family can once again enjoy the favorite room in your home.

How to clean your kitchen cabinets.

It's More Than Cleaning Your Kitchen

The Kitchen Detailers difference: We do more than clean your kitchen. We FIX your kitchen making it almost new again.

Add kitchen accessories to your current cabinets

Add Kitchen Accessories

Add kitchen accessories, like pull outs and lazy susans, without replacing your kitchen cabinets.

How to clean kitchen cabinets and install new kitchen pullouts, including this pull out pantry.

Accessorize Your Kitchen

We Do More Than Cleaning and Fixing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Detailers will clean and seal your granite, tile and grout.

Seal Granite & Grout

Granite and tile are durable surfaces, but need some occasional maintenance to look their best and extend their life. Make sure these surfaces remain clean and attractive by keeping them sealed. You’ve already made a significant investment in a granite or tile counter or floor. Take the time now to take care of it properly and your surfaces will remain beautiful for years to come.

Repair and Modify Custom Cabinets

Repair and Modify Custom Cabinets

Each piece of furniture is unique and we’re ready to help you get the job done right, every time. Let us know what cabinets or furniture you need repaired or modified. We’re here to help!

Clean and restore your home's cabinets and furniture.

We Detail More Than Kitchens

Give your bathroom cabinets the same deep cleaning and restoration as your kitchen. Our detailing service is available for all the cabinetry in your home. Cover up scratches, make minor fixes and more. Don’t just clean it – get it detailed!

Why replace your cabinets when your kitchen can look 10 years younger for only $599.